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Save on Datalogic ELD Mobile Computers $250 ends 6/29/2012

Save $250 on an outstanding Datalogic ELF mobile computer before 6/29/2012.

See 3 model details

Ergonomic- compact and robust Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Bluetooth® wireless Communications 2.0 EDR for simultaneous connections with lower power consumption High performance Laser or Wide aspect 2D imager both with Green Spot patented good read confirmation 3 Megapixel autofocus Camera […]

See MM in Honeywell ISVStore.com

Honeywell has added the Chemical Inventory Application to the Honeywell ISVstore.com

Follow this link to the ISVSTORE.com

New Smart Portable Bar Code Scanner 6000


The New Honeywell 6000 ScanPhone Scanner is an ideal compact for the laboratory. More details Remember there is an integrated Bar Code Scanner. MM Mobile Application run on the 6000. Effectively scans Technicians badges, Location Bar Code labels, and Container Bar Code labels


MM Mobile Consume

MM Mobile offers simple screen to track actions like ‘Consume Material’

MM Mobile Consume


MM Mobile Menu

MM Mobile Menu

MM Mobile Application Menu shows some of the mobile functions possible